World Central Register

Welcome to World Central Register

World Central Register of security marked and unmarked objects, vehicles, mobile phones, electronics, equipment, animals etc.

  • It enables returning of lost or found registered objects to the real owner.
  • The access to the Register is given to the customers in various ID sets, on some warranty certificates, in e-shops, veterinary doctors, by partners etc.
  • You can register nearly any object. If it has a typical No. (VIN, IMEI, microchip, microdot code, serial No., etc., the object may be registered with it together with description and photo.
  • More, the Register shows your Registration No. which you can print out and seal on protected object.
  • By any above mentioned numbers you register, the lost or found object may be return to the real owner via the Register by a simple form.
  • At the Register, you have an overview of your registered objects, you can mark them as missing, print out a summary and remove them from the register.
  • The World Central Register is a new way of protecting your property and it is improving you way of life.
  • Do not hesitate and use the register. Have a look at DEMO here.
  • If you like it, you may buy the set of access codes here.